Specializing in Simpler Transitions for Seniors

Relocating in the post-career stage of life often has unique challenges.

In addition to the many other benefits of AgentPLUS, you can work with a Professional Organizer who specializes in the the unique needs of seniors.

Simpler Seniors Transitions

Proud to help Canada's Seniors Transition

Envoy provides specialized services designed to help seniors and retirees transition to new life stages. Whether it's downsizing to a new home or moving into an assisted facility, we can help.

Taking Care of Business, with Care

Taking Care of Business, with Care

It can be overwhelming to move at this stage in life: there are lifelong treasures to prioritize, the next home might be smaller, maybe there are accessibility issues to consider.

A Seniors Organizer is experienced in dealing with these special circumstances and can help organize the process of leaving one home and preparing a new home.

Help with Many of the Details

Help for Many of the Details

Seniors Organizers can assist with many of the tasks that are unique to a senior's transition.

  • Organize and prioritize belongings
  • Oversee sale, auction, or disposal of unwanted items
  • Arrange repairs and clean-up of property
  • Set-up in the new home
  • Liaise with Envoy Alliance service providers
  • Coordinate move-day activities
  • And much more!
Making Seniors Transitions Easier

Making the Transition Easier

Seniors Organizers help seniors and their caregivers by handling many of the small details. They also work with the Envoy Alliance during the real estate and moving process to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Everyone involved in the AgentPLUS program takes pride in helping Canada's seniors transition to their next home. Let us make your move as stress-free and simple as possible. You deserve it!